Staff Development and Training

Awarded as “Manpower Developer” by the ERB

The Society has been awarded as “Manpower Developer” by the Employees Retraining Board this year, reflecting its outstanding achievement in staff development and training.

Conduct Various Training and Workshops for Staff

The Society well utilised the Social Welfare Department Fund to support internal and external training for staff. This year, 56 internal training programmes were organised for different positions of staff. Topics included Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, various theories and skills of professional intervention, etc. There was very encouraging feedback from participants, i.e. an average rating of 5.12 out of a 6-point scale, demonstrating the achievement of training objectives and the high quality of the training programmes. The Society organised a series of trainings to meet the emergent need of new service development, e.g. Dementia Care Assessment, Advance Care Planning, Peer Learning and Practice Group on Women and Family Service, Clinical Supervision Group on Child-centered Play Therapy and SoulCollage®.

Organise Staff Orientation Programmes

Staff orientation programmes were organised on a regular basis, enhancing new colleagues’ understanding of the Society’s history, mission, visions, systems and services, and fostering their sense of belonging to the Society. In addition, three different service-specific induction courses were organised for newly recruited social workers to cultivate their “family perspective” and equip them with knowledge and skills in service delivery. Trainings were also organised for management staff to enhance their leadership skills.

Subsidise Staff to Attend External Training Programmes

The Society subsidised over 394 staff members to attend external training programmes in 229 different topics. A total of 459 days of study leave were granted for staff to attend these external training programmes.

  • Dr. Chan Ting Sam shared essential elements of parent education, theoretical framework and practice of working with parents