Special Services

Service Report Highlights

Mediation Centre Launches Different Trainings to Promote Mediation Culture

It has been the third year of the Mediation Centre to put our “Child- focused” Separation & Divorce Crisis Prevention & Management Project in place. To address the needs for high conflict families, Filial Play Training Group for Parents was attempted and has been highly valued by the participants. Participants have learned effective skills to relieve stress of their children. We also organised Accredited Family Mediation Trainings and conducted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes to train up Family Mediators. We also collaborated with the Education University of Hong Kong over the past two years to train up a total of 27 teachers mediation skills to promote peace and mediation in their serving schools.

  • Accredited Family Mediation Training 2019
  • Filial Play Training Group for Parents 2019

Divorce Services Launch New Programme and Extend the Pilot Project on Parent-child Contact Centre

Creating Two Happy Homes for Children from Divorced Families has been our mission in serving the divorce families, our divorced services have adopted “Child-focused Parenting Coordination Model” of the Cooperative Parenting Institute (CPI) from the United States to facilitate divorced parents maintaining healthy co-parenting relationship for safeguarding their children’s best interest. Upon successful completion of the A Beam of Hope – Pilot Project on “Child focused” Parenting Coordination and Co-parenting Services for Divorce Families, we have launched the “Parade of Lights” – Child-focused Intervention Programme for Children Facing Parental Conflicts/Separation or Divorce, to facilitate children strengthening their resilience and positively coping with stresses or impacts arisen from conflictual family relationships and parental divorce. With continuous support from the Lotteries Fund, the service of our Pilot Project on Parent-child Contact Centre has been extended to September 2019 to assist children from divorced families to rebuild relationship and maintain stable contact with their parents in a safe, conflict-free and neutral environment from a child-focused perspective.

  • Professional Exchange Seminar in Taiwan
  • Professional Training for the Social Service Sector

Women & Family Enhancement Centre Acquires New Resources to Provide Comprehensive Support Services for Women in Low-Income Families

Women & Family Enhancement Centre was continuously supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Community Project Grant to organise “The Bridge to Competence Project” which aimed to provide various programmes to enhance women’s self-confidence, establish their support network and arouse community awareness and concern towards women.The Centre has been also supported by other funding in other projects which included The “Live Well, Feel Well – Mental Health Enhancement Project for Women” funded by the Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund, The 2nd Phase of “Education and Support Project for Multi-generation Families” supported by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation. For After School Care Programme, it has been funded by the Community-based Projects of the Education Bureau and Social Welfare Department to provide fee reduction after school care service for low-income families to ease their burden to look after their children due to working on longer, irregular hours, at weekdays or intending to join the work force.

  • Forum and drama performance to arouse public awareness towards women mental health
  • Children sent bouquets of flowers to their mothers in expressing their gratitude on the Mother’s Day

Financial Education Centre Joins Forces with Partners and Financial Institutions to Promote Financial Education

Financial Education Centre received financial support from different financial institutions namely Prudential Hong Kong Limited, Principal Financial Group and Investor and Financial Education Council to provide financial education to children, youth and parents. The Centre also collaborated with different partners to promote financial literacy to all walks of life including but not limited to boardgames for ex-drug addicts who have been taken care by the Correction Service Department. The Centre was sponsored by HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme to organise the first S-Qube Cup City Orienteering for secondary students to cultivate their financial knowledge through visiting different landmarks of Hong Kong. The Centre also widely utilised social media to promote financial education for youth and parents. It has been the second year for us to introduce the Financial Social Work (FSW) Certification Programme from the United States, in which a total of 62 financial social workers have been accredited. Our Financial Education Centre has obtained more support and resources for its further development, and also received the 2019 Financial Education Champion Award from the Investor and Financial Education Council and the “Corporate Financial Education Leadership – Gold Award” in the IFPHK Financial Education Leadership Awards 2018 and 2019.

  • Teaching Your Kids About Money Parent Child Workshop funded by Prudential Hong Kong Limited

Wellness Programme Launches New Employee Assistance Programme & Expands Client Segments

Our Wellness Programme has been the sole Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) supplier for all SME Alliance members referred by Hong Kong Council of Social Service. With the sponsorships of Euroclear Bank, we have also launched an 18-month Working Class Caring Scheme in 2019 to provide employees assistance programme for low-income individuals and families. Through EAP, Wellness Trainings, Corporate Volunteer Services and the Annual Volunteers Recognition Ceremony, organisations in both the commercial and public sectors could foster pleasant workplace and caring company culture. We also offer individual pre-marital, marital, child- centred play therapy and family counselling.

  • Participated in Caring Company Scheme
  • Personality Dimensions® – Staff Wellness Programme