Report from the Director

For the financial year 2018-19, the Society has been planning intensively for, and implementing the two organisation-wide projects, “Envisioning 2024” and “Branding Revitalisation”. Strategic planning of “Envisioning 2024” was completed with the objectives to clarify and define the Society’s positioning in the coming 5 years, to create the desired social impact in response to the needs and expectations of key stakeholders, especially service users, and to maximise the uniqueness of the organisation in the changing environment. Two strategic goals were set:

    • To strengthen the application of the unique “family-centred” intervention approach across services to effectively address the needs of families to safeguard family wellbeing and develop a family friendly environment in the rapidly changing society.
    • To engage the community and foster partnerships to co-create, pass on and advocate the family value, so as to build a caring society with family wellbeing as the core.

Following these two strategic goals, we will formulate our next 5-year plan and move forward to the execution stage of “Envisioning 2024”.

While the year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Society, we kicked off the anniversary celebration with our new brand officially launched on 2 March 2019. Through widely publicising our new brand identity with our smart logo, revitalised website and various events, we would like our internal and external stakeholders to share our vision and passion signified by “Family Matters”. We have successfully completed the 70th Anniversary Fundraising Gala – “Ode to Love”, a Fundraising Musical to raise funds for our “Innovative Services of Love for Family” to address the needs of disadvantaged groups. A series of celebratory activities were held from May to July to facilitate exchange by international and local experts on studies and services for families, to showcase the Society’s efforts in promoting family wellbeing, to engage our serving communities and to promote the Society’s new image.

With a deep concern on the wellbeing of local families, we continued to conduct the second Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Survey this year. We have also collaborated with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to develop the Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Index, which is the territory’s first comprehensive tool to measure the wellbeing of Hong Kong families. It is expected that the Index will be released in May 2020 to provide information about the current situations and the trend of Hong Kong families. We hope that the findings will serve as a reference for different stakeholders in their planning and implementation of proper measures to support families.

Delivery of professional and high quality social services with a family perspective remains to be the core mission of the Society. We continue to attach great importance in our commitment to provide professional services across family age bands in crisis intervention and support, anti-violence and peace promotion, and mental wellness enhancement. With our dedicated efforts to promote stationing social work service for kindergartens for a decade, it is encouraging to the Society that the government has recognised this service and we have joined the Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions this year. We have continued to foster new ideas and innovations to enhance our special services of Financial Education Service, Post-Divorce Service, Mediation Service and Multi-generational Family Service to fill the service gaps. We are pleased that our Financial Education Centre has obtained more support and resources for its further development, and also received the 2019 Financial Education Champion Award from the Investor and Financial Education Council and the “Corporate Financial Education Leadership – Gold Award” in the IFPHK Financial Education Leadership Awards 2018 and 2019.

Hong Kong’s social environment continues to change and families are inevitably affected in varying degrees. As a social welfare organisation rooted in Hong Kong for 70 years, we are committed to stand firm and will walk through these challenges with Hong Kong families with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Ms. Amarantha Yip
Executive Director
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society