Publicity and Liaison

Maintain Close Contacts with the Media to Strengthen Service Promotion and Society’s Professional Image

We arranged media interviews for our professional social workers and invited them to contribute articles to the print and online media in sharing their professional views and practice wisdom. We also collaborated with organisations and universities to release survey findings in press conferences, such as “Hong Kong Family Wellbeing Survey 2018”, “Survey on the Intimate Partners Violence” and the “Effectiveness of Family in Crisis Pilot Support Project”, etc.

  • News coverage on the press conference of the “Effectiveness of Family in Crisis Pilot Support Project”
  • Our social workers contributed articles on print media to share their professional experiences

Branding Revitalisation Project

In celebration of our 70th Anniversary in 2019, Publicity and Liaison Unit endeavoured to assist in the Society’s “Branding Revitalisation” Project. The Society’s new logo has been officially released on 2 March 2019. Meanwhile, the Society also refreshed its website to increase awareness of and accessibility to the diverse range of assistance we can provide.

  • The Society’s new website

70th Anniversary Celebratory Activities

To ring the curtain up on the 70th Anniversary Celebration, the Kick Off Ceremony was held on 2 March 2019. We also organised the 70th Anniversary Fundraising Gala – Ode to Love at night. Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration was invited as the officiating guest of the event. The Fundraising Gala eventually has raised HK$3.5 million for the Society. To promote 70th Anniversary, the Society also released a special supplement on Mingpao and Escalator Crown panels at the MTR stations and Bus Body Advertising.

  • Escalator Crown panel at MTR stations
  • The 70th Anniversary Fundraising Gala – Ode to Love
  • The Society’s Executive Committee Members participated in 70th Anniversary Celebration – the Kick Off Ceremony
  • 70th Anniversary Celebratory Bus Body Advertising

Flag Day

The Society has organised its territory-wide Flag Day on 16 March 2019. It has recruited more than 4,700 volunteers including 2,500 family volunteers, which made a new record for the Society. With the release of the new Society’s logo, our flags and flag bags have been redesigned. The Society has raised more than HK$1.9 million and the proceeds have been contributed to the non-subvented services.

  • The new design of our flags and flag bag