Our Past, Present and Future

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS), known originally as the Social Service Centre of the Churches when established in 1938, became an independent non-governmental organisation on 1st January, 1949 with the initiation of the Rt. Rev. R. O. Hall and the expert assistance of Miss Katherine Scott-Moncrieff, a well-known social worker from the United Kingdom.

In the 1970s, we pioneered Family Life Education, set up Clinical Psychological Service and Home Help Service, and pilot School Social Work Service and Foster Care Service. Since 1985, we have initiated a variety of evidence-based experimental services including the Mental Health Group,“Drop-in” for isolated families, multiple support for Single Parents, Therapeutic Groups for Abusive Families, and Emergency Foster Care etc.

In the 1990s, the Society developed Family Mediation Service, Service for New Arrivals, and a Family Retreat Centre to support families. In 2004, we set up Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs) and have six IFSCs at present to provide accessible one-stop services and develop a variety of services to support families.

The Society has been addressing to the needs of divorced families to develop Family Resource Centre, the Family Mediation Service and “A Beam of Hope-Pilot Project on ’Child-focused’ Parenting Coordination and Co-parenting Services for Divorced Families”. In 2016, the Society was commissioned by Social Welfare Department to launch the Pilot Project on Children Contact Service to support divorced couples and their children to initiate and maintain communications.

Apart from School Social Work Service, the Society also set up an Integrated Children and Youth Service Centre in 1999, piloted Net Education services, introduced Peer Mediation in primary and secondary schools to foster a harmonious school environment. The Society has also developed different service packages for students with Special Education Needs (SEN) with the aim to enable them to integrate in school life and actualise their potentials. In recent years, the Society has expanded financial education service for youth and their parents, set up a Financial Education Centre and launched the “S-QUBE Youth Financial Empowerment Project”.

Facing the rapidly ageing population in Hong Kong, the Society has reformed our home based service model to a spectrum of comprehensive elderly and community support services, including pain control and rehabilitation education. We set up health care centres on outlying islands and self-financed service “Viva” in the town to provide flexible day care and rehabilitation programmes for the frail elders. The Society also provides the Dementia Assessment Support Project with the component of Dementia Community Education and has launched the “Smiley Activation Project – Community / Home-based Depression Treatment for the Elderly” and “Advance Care Planning” Project to serve their needs.

HKFWS has been serving Hong Kong for 70 years. Based on our “Family Perspective”, our staff has been dedicated to actualising our mission in serving families and the community with love and passion. We will continue to enhance our service quality and innovate services to meet the changing needs and promote the wellbeing of families and the Hong Kong community.