Integrated Family Services

Service Report Highlights

Launch “Peace Campus – Support Programme for Enhancing Peaceable Relationship” and Research on Intimate Partner Violence

Since October 2018, with the support from Social Welfare Department, our IFSCs have launched the project “Peace Campus – Support Programme for Enhancing Peaceable Relationship”, providing support services to victims of intimate partner violence and children witnessing domestic violence. With generous sponsorship from “Women Helping Women Hong Kong”, Associate Professors from City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University have conducted a quantitative research on intimate partner violence and collected around 300 questionnaires from project users and IFSC service users. We found out that prolonged tolerance of spousal abuse before they sought professional help. Thus, the need of community education for anti-violence has been stressed.

  • Together we challenged the impossible!
  • Children learnt their emotion through story-telling

Expand the Scope of “Family in Crisis Support Pilot Project”

With the sponsorship by Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, we have operated the “Family in Crisis Support Pilot Project” since January 2017. Users who lost their breadwinners due to sudden death or severe illness have been supported by the project with both counselling and financial assistance. After the two-year pilot project, Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation continued to support us to operate the “Family in Crisis Support Project” in January 2019 with the expansion of service boundary to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Sai Kung district. The project continued offering counselling, financial and volunteer support to the families who are facing family crisis.

  • University students were trained to become life companion of families in crisis
  • University Research Team presented the project effectiveness in the Society’s 70th Anniversary Symposium

Enhance Children’s ”Body, Mind, Social and Spiritual” Development

This year is the final year of the five-year ”‘KIDS’ The Future” project sponsored by BOC Life to subsidise children from deprived families. Children were also offered financial assistance to join the interest classes or participate in training courses organised by our Society’s IFSCs to develop their ”Body, Mind, Social and Spirit”. Children and their parents who have experienced family adversity and through in-depth therapeutic counselling, Child-Centered Play Therapy service, support groups and activities, these helped them to manage their complicated emotional problems and inner conflict, enhance attitude of parent-child communication, and improve parent-child relationship. Over 70 children were benefited from the financial assistance, over 1,000 attendances were recorded in IFSC’s interest classes under this project, and more than 10 pairs of children and their parents were benefited from the therapeutic counselling services.

  • Children performed confidently on stage and demonstrated their teamwork
  • Besides learning to paint, children also made friends to enhance their social skills

Continue to Promote Family Mental Health Service

With the funding support from Community Chest, our Family Mental Health Service has provided a total of 12 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy groups with the aim to enhancing participants’ stress management, positive thinking, skills in interpersonal relationship and problem solving ability. Innovative and diversified approaches were applied in Mental Health Enhancement Programme such as Pastel Nagomi Art, Chinese medical talks, Zentangle and Aromatherapy were conducted so as to enhance participants’ mental wellbeing. Two Community Education Programmes – “Yoga experiential programme” and “Mindfulness experiential programmes” were launched with positive feedbacks.

  • Yoga experiential programme

Sustain the Development of “HE MEN – Hear Men”

Since 2000, the Society has been actively developing service for men. In 2017, we received subsidies from a charity fund to sponsor “HE MEN – Hear Men” project for two years to sustain its development. This year, 21 life rebuilding classes, six therapeutic groups and four mutual aid groups were held to ensure men to know themselves better and develop their potentials. Besides, 14 educational seminars and 20 community programmes were organised. To encourage men to participate in volunteer services to give back to the society. We also held 11 family outings to enhance family communication and relationship between men and their family members.

  • Experienced relaxation exercise
  • Enhanced men’s self-confidence through adventure-based activities