Integrated Children and Youth Services

Service Report Highlights

Provide Comprehensive and Professional Life Goal Planning Service

To help Primary Six students prepare for the admission to Secondary One and get a taste of secondary education, ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square organised an experiential workshop named as “Secondary Life Socigame”. We also held its first rifle shooting competition and it was also the first time for the centre to arrange their venue for such competition. With the Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities of Home Affairs Bureau for the five consecutive years, we provided professional and comprehensive life goal planning service to support students from 28 secondary schools.

  • Our band performed busking in Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
  • Primary Six students participated in the “Secondary Life Socigame”

Creative Means to Promote Mediation Education

Seventeen secondary schools joined the “Peer Mediation Project” this year and about 230 students were trained as Peer Mediators to promote peaceful conflict resolution. Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) won the first runner-up in the “3rd Secondary Schools Peer Mediation Competition” organised by Rotary Club in Hong Kong. Over 400 primary students were trained as Peer Mediators in “Hang Seng — HKFWS Youth Mediation Scheme”. Besides, the first Peer Mediation Mobile App in Hong Kong was launched to promote mediation through interactive and creative means. The Scheme was extended from school-based training to community-based promotion, in which mediation story-telling programmes were organised in a book shop, public libraries and community service centres, etc. We also continually conducted credit-bearing and certificate courses on peer mediation in the Education University of Hong Kong for teachers to promote mediation education in schools.

  • Peer Mediation Project Joint Schools Training Camp
  • Mediation story-telling programmes were run in a bookshop to promote mediation education

Concern and Support Adolescent Mental Health and Development

We collaborated 30 schools in launching the “Triple R Project under Joyful @ School” funded by Quality Education Fund for the 2nd year. This youth mental health project aimed at empowering youth and their families to improve their mental health. The projects were characterised with talks and groups with cognitive behavioural intervention skills to enable youth coping with stress and adversity. Besides, we also offered school-based voluntary services for youth in preparing handmade gifts to their classmates and teachers to promote positive mental health knowledge. Throughout this give- and-share process, the youth have enhanced their self-efficacy. A series of training were delivered to enhance teachers and parents better understanding on youth resilience and strengthen the social support network for the youth. We also organised exhibitions to encourage students help seeking at early stage.

  • Group activity enhanced participants’ knowledge in emotional management and mental health

Strengthen Promotion of Healthy Use of Internet

With the support from the Education Bureau, we launched the “healthy use of internet” service to parents, teachers and students, including counselling hotline, online services and a series of onsite parents programmes. Over 4,000 hotline calls, 1,000 online support were provided, and 96 sessions of school-based parent education programmes to cover 6,000 participants. With the support from schools and Student Health Service, Department of Health, over 150 referrals were received. To enhance public awareness towards healthy use of the internet and deal with family conflicts arising from internet use, we delivered over 50 programmes for more than 5,000 participants, including Internet Addiction prevention groups, seminars and class programmes for students, “ICC – App generation parenting model” parents groups, teachers training and community education. To arouse youth’s concerns towards internet risks, the “I wanna tell you” campaign collected over 1,000 opinions from students. To reduce the digital gap between generations, over 20 students were trained as “Net Ambassadors” to enhance parents’ understanding on youth online culture and promote healthy internet use in schools and community. We also conducted 56 sessions of parent-child workshops and “STEAM” workshops for low income families.

  • Onsite school consultation service for parents
  • Youth Net Ambassadors promoted healthy use of internet

Promote Harmonious School Culture

We promoted harmonious school culture by launching social inclusion talk, game booths and circle painting activities to educate youth in accepting SEN students. Emotional management, executive skills and social skills training have also been rendered to SEN students to adjust their school life in which different intervention approaches have been adopted, including social thinking, executive skills, art facilitation and drama. School bullying has become more common nowadays, especially verbal attack and cyber bullying. SEN students were generally more prone to bullying. In regard of this, we offered new programmes on anti-bullying to enhance their assertiveness and to protect them from bullying.

  • Enhanced students’ self-understanding through board games
  • Adopted different art intervention activities for SEN students