Community Care and Support Services for the Elderly

Service Report Highlights

Additional Resources from Social Welfare Department

Starting from 1 October 2018, additional resources for new initiatives were granted from Social Welfare Department for Integrated Home Care Services and Enhanced Home and Community Care Services, including dementia care, support for needy carers, on-site carer training and Speech Therapy Service. We have also employed speech therapists to help the elderly with moderate to severe level of impairment treat their swallow difficulties and speech problems. Our four service centres providing pain relief service for the elderly by registered Chinese medicine practitioners, doctors and physiotherapists with training in acupuncture. Some of our service centres also provide Flexible Day Care Service to the frail elderly.

  • Elderly and their carers tried different GeronTech products together
  • Elderly users and the carers visited the ”Zonta White House”

Provide Frail Elderly Point-to-Point Transport Service from the Community to Old Aged Home

Both North Point Centre and Cho Yiu Centre received sponsorship from the Apple Daily Charitable Foundation. Starting from October 2018, the former launched the “Viva Happy Buddy Volunteer Project”. The volunteers provided elder-sitter services in Day Care Centre after receiving a series of carer training. Starting from May 2018, the latter started the “Viva Escort Service Project” to provide point- to-point transport service which could help ease carer’s burden to move their frail elderly from the community into residential care homes. During the period from April to December 2018, Cho Yiu Centre received the sponsorship from the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing Alz-umni Association to carry out “Joyful Cookery Experiential Project” which delivered cooking therapy with multi-sensory stimulation to the elderly with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. The participants and their family members could enjoy cooking and had fun together. The project booklets had been published and distributed to the day care centres in the non-governmental organisations sector.

  • Point-to-point transport service offered for frail elderly
  • Elderly, their family members and our helpers cooked fried capsicums & eggplants with minced fishes together

Launch the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project – “Advance in Facilities, Enhance in Love”

Located in Kowloon City, the Centre for Active Ageing values holistic wellbeing. Through different services, partnership collaborations, as hubs to connect community resources, the Centre aims to lead the elderly to healthy, positive, active and happy life. Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, our Centre organised the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project – “Advance in Facilities, Enhance in Love” this year to assist the elderly living in old buildings in improving their home facilities. The project has recorded a total of 1,593 service attendance. Our Centre has also become a project partner of the Jockey Club Community eHealth Care Project. By providing innovative and comprehensive health-care support services to our members, we endevour to facilitate our elderly to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project Sharing Session
  • Ambassadors shared the eight domains of an Age-friendly city

Dementia Assessment and Support Project Provides Multi-tiered Intervention and Support

With the funding support from Tsu Te Kian Charitable Trust, the Dementia Assessment and Support Project aims at promoting community better understanding on dementia, uplifting their awareness of modifiable risk factors on dementia; early identification of elderly with dementia and make referrals for early intervention(s); support to elderly with dementia and their caregivers to enhance their competence and reduce their stress in living with dementia. In the past year, multi-tiered intervention and support including Dementia Assessment Service, Dementia Care Planning Service, Medical Support Scheme for Dementia, Fast Dementia Screening to Elderly, Dementia Community Education and Dementia Careline were implemented, with a record of 5,528 service attendance. We also trained 178 volunteers and shared the Project outcomes during the annual seminar of the Hong Kong Brain Foundation Ltd.

  • Elderly with dementia in Carer Forum enjoyed their good time

Rise in the number of Beneficiaries of Smiley Activation Project

With the funding support from the HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme through the Community Chest of Hong Kong, the “Smiley Activation Project” — Community/Home-Based Depression Treatment for the Elderly has entered its fourth year of operation in October 2018. Following the protocol specifically addressing depression, our social workers provided home-based intervention focusing on activities as well as enhancement of elderly’s problem solving ability and social connection. Various psychosocial programmes, education talks on anti-depression and resilience and promotion activities were organised for elderly users, their carers and the public. The Careline operated smoothly with support from our trained volunteers under social workers’ supervision. In the past year, 76 volunteers have been recruited to support the Careline, home visit, education programmes and promotion activities, volunteering a total of 1,173 service hours and making 1,497 phone calls. A total of 744 individuals and 3,916 service attendance were recorded.

  • Elderly shared her joy with social worker
  • Plant rubbing workshop