Child Care Services

Service Report Highlights

Reinforce Promotion and Step Up Efforts to Recruit Foster Families and Child Carers in Key Spots

Owing to the inadequate foster families, continuous efforts on service promotion and recruitment of foster families were made to accommodate the increasing need of child care service from the needy families. We organised promotion programmes such as The “Love, sharing love” programme for wedding couples in wedding banquets, fundraising concert and utilised different platforms such as social media and media interviews to promote foster care service and recruit more foster families. We also collaborated with the Social Welfare Department and other foster care agencies to establish the“Task Group on Promotion and Recruitment” to formulate strategies on service promotion and recruitment of foster families. We also identified some key spots for promotional programmes in Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O to recruit child carers in addressing the incremental needs for child care service.

  • Media interview for foster parents
  • Mobile counter was set up in Po Lam for service promotion and recruitment of carers

Provide Professional Training and Support Group to Foster Parents and Child Carers

In order to enhance caring quality and provide mutual support to foster parents, regular trainings on play therapy for parents, parent-child financial management, sensory integration were arranged. Support group in different districts were also established to provide mutual support and enhance caring quality of foster parents. We also provided regular training on children health and home safety to enhance child care techniques of carers. Regular mutual support programmes and mass family activities were held for carers and parents so as to enhance their physical and mental health wellbeing, as well as to promote mutual support.

  • Regualr in-service training for foster parents
  • Financial Education for parents and children

Partner with Different Organisations to Promote “Child Protection” Message

We partnered with Social Welfare Department, Maternal Child Care and Health Centre and schools to organise different publicity and education programmes to promote the messages, “not leaving children unattended” and “taking proper care of children”. We also organised parent-and-child programmes to strengthen the relationship between foster parents and their children to protect and care the traumatised foster children.

  • Carer looked after the child
  • Carer played with the child

Provide Resources and Additional Support Service to Enhance SEN Children’s Learning

We spared continuous efforts to provide resources and different tailor-made programmes such as mentorship programmes from corporations or charitable organisations, outdoor activities and festivals celebration activities for foster children to broaden their horizons and develop their potentials. Other than our ATAA Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth Square and Women and Family Enhancement Centre, we have collaborated with Taikoo Primary School and Shaukeiwan Tsung Tsin School in Shaukeiwan to provide after school care services for the needy families. To enhance motivation in learning and the self-esteem of children with SEN, we also designed various kind of activities on self management skill, problem solving and life value.

  • Christmas is a time for blessing! The kids were all happy after receiving gifts
  • Children were equipped with problem-solving skills in adventure activities